Distance Reiki Healing


Reiki Healing is equally effective when given at a distance and is perfect for clients who are unable to visit my Healing Treatment Room or whose timetable will not allow an hour Reiki.

It’s as effective as hands on healing; the only difference is I’m administering healing from a different location! some clients experience even more intense sensations. It’s also a lovely gift to give somebody who is struggling with the fast pace of life and feels “out of sorts”

Preparing for your session

I will contact you when I’m due to start healing as it’s important that you lie or sit during the healing location and don’t move around. I’ll also let you know when the session has ended.

It’s equally important that you drink plenty of water prior and after your healing as the experience to gain the maximum benefit from the healing session.

All you need to do is lie or sit down. You may want to create a lovely relaxing ambience with candles and soft music and relax.

To obtain the most benefit from the session it’s advised that you continue in your relaxed state for a short while after the healing.

We will have a discussion when it’s mutually convenient to discuss the session and further treatment requirements

Distance healing is 45 minute duration and costs £50.00