Future Life


Future Life Progression

Just in the same way that Past Life Regression allows you to revisit a previous existence, Future Life provides you with a glimpse into the future of your current life or future lifetimes….As with Past Life Regression, I’ve benefitted from receiving training from Market Leader in this field, Anne Jirsch who runs the only training school in the world. It’s totally safe and provides you with an invaluable insight and knowledge that will benefit your life now.

Visiting your future in this lifetime

Imagine being able to test out life choices and situations before you actually take that leap and make the changes?

How powerful would that be?

That’s exactly what Future Life enables you to do. You can visit the future in the timeframe of your choice and have a view of how your life is working out for you. If you don’t like what you see you have the ability to try out some different choices to identify the pathway that is right for you.

It’s normally recommended to look at a 5 or 10 year timescale as that’s when change occurs. You can have glimpse of your life in 5 years…if you like what you see you can bring the knowledge gained with you back to the present day and make the changes to unlock that future much quicker.

Once you’ve experienced your life in 5 years if you were to remain on your current pathway you also have the ability to introduce new changes and then test out the difference that makes to your life. Once you have experienced the pathway that is right for you, you can identify the actions you need to implement to ensure that change materialises. It’s very powerful and remarkable results have been achieved using Future Life technique.

Future Life has endless scope for helping people to live the life they want to live. Some examples of it’s effectiveness in certain life situations are detailed below:

  • Assist you with relationships and finding your soul partner
  • Identifying the right career pathway
  • Helping you to locate the right location to live
  • Aid in your health and well-being by identifying any lifestyle choices that will benefit you
  • Knowledge of how their children will progress in life

This is by no means exhaustive. Future Life can be utilised for ANY change you are looking to make in your life.

Future Life in Future Life times

The characteristics of who we are today are as a result of our experiences in previous lifetimes.  Therefore the experiences we have in this lifetime and the choices we make will dictate our character for future life times. In addition to experiencing your life in 5, 10 years or longer you can also take a meaningful glimpse into your future lifetimes to establish what your life is like, identify any changes you want to make and transport the knowledge to create the foundations for your preferred next life TODAY!

A Future Life Regression session is 60 minutes.  The Fee for this treatment is £60.00