Past Life Regression


I’ve had the good fortune of training with the eminent authority on Past Lives, Dr Brian Weiss and it’s an area I’m truly passionate about as it can unlock so many answers to what we are experiencing in this life.

Past Life Regression is exactly as it sounds, we revisit your character in a previous lifetime in order to answer some questions regarding who we are and our behavioral patterns in this life time. It’s totally safe and you will return to the current day with knowledge that can benefit you in your life.

The biggest indicator to our past life existence is if you meet somebody for the first time and yet you feel you have known them all of your life!

Past Life Regression can hold the answer to this question and to many more. The most popular reasons people partake in this practice are detailed below:

THERAPY – Past Life Regression can be a powerful therapy where other treatments like psychotherapy have been ineffective.  Our past life can hold the key to understanding some aspects of our current behavior and if we’ve suffered past emotional traumas they can cause psychological problems that can be understood and released by going back to a previous life, resulting in a truly beneficial change.

UNDERSTANDING – Have you ever been drawn to certain places or had a Déjà vu feeling? Or have a particular interest in something? Revisiting a previous life can answer these questions and provide us with an insight to our character.

INTEREST – Some people revisit their past existence from a curiosity perspective, Past Life can be very detailed right down to names, dates and places. Many details are authenticated and many books have been written on the topic

RELATIONSHIPS – It’s not uncommon for groups of interacting souls to reincarnate together and take on the roles of relations, friends or even rivals. Revisiting previous lives can piece together the pieces of current relationships. It may even be that your current partner has been carried forward from a previous lifetime.

A Past Life Regression session is 60 minutes.  The Fee for this treatment is £65.00