Angel Healing


Working with Angels is our divine birth right. Angels want us to lead a life of love and happiness rather than fear and control. They are here to guide us on the right pathway and encourage us to accept the help that they offer.

Angels want us to make decisions based on love not power, fear or control and want to work with us to release burdens that we carry both in this lifetime and previous lifetimes and with relationships in our lives.

Centuries ago working with Angels was a natural occurrence but over time we have shut our mind and heart off to their guidance in favour of living with a mind full of daily stress and anxieties.

Since childhood, I have worked naturally with Angels and so, several years ago I trained to become an Angel Therapist and teacher. An Angel healing session involves cleansing and detaching from negative relationships and allowing the Angels to send the right energy into us, healing the physical and emotional issues that we carry. It’s a beautiful experience and will leave you feeling warm and loved.

Angel Healing sessions last 45 minutes with talking time afterwards. Cost £50.00 

I also teach Angel Healing – Please enquire for details.