Reiki Healing


About Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese method of natural holistic healing aimed at balancing all three elements; the body mind (both mental and physical) and soul.

The fast pace of life means people are becoming increasingly stressed and as a result aren’t functioning at their best. They are lethargic, anxious and in general feel out of balance, sometimes struggling to cope with daily pressures. In order for our body mind and soul to maintain full vitality the energy throughout our body needs to flow freely through certain energy points in our body. If this happens we are in sync, feel a sense of wellbeing and healthy and happy.

Once this energy is blocked at any one of these energy points that’s when the body can manifest symptoms of illness and we start to feel out of balance.

If you think of a hose pipe, when water runs freely through the pipe it can be at quite a force. If there is a minor kink in the pipe water will still flow through but not at the same pressure. If there are a number of kinks or one major blockage in the pipe then this is drastic and can stop water flowing altogether. This is exactly the same with our elements. If there is a small blockage then the energy can flow but not completely freely so we don’t have a total sense of well-being. However if the blockage is major then the energy struggles to flow throughout the body and illnesses will occur.

Reiki removes the blockages, allowing free flowing energy to restore balance and vitality and promote healing in all three elements. It’s totally safe making it suitable for everyone including children and animals and benefits people in wonderful extraordinary ways.

What happens during a treatment?

Reiki is a beautiful gentle whole body treatment and requires you to either lie on a treatment couch or sit in a chair; you are fully clothed as the healing permeates through clothing.  If you are unable to attend my Healing room for your treatment I am able to perform Reiki at a distance whilst you are in your own home…For more details click here.

It’s recommended that you drink plenty of water both before and after your treatment to aid the healing process, help to flush toxins from your body quicker thus making the healing even more effective.

During the treatment I will place my hands on different energy points to remove any blockages that may be stopping the free flowing energy. What clients feel is unique as their body receives the healing. Sometimes it’s a gentle tingling for others it’s a heat sensation for other people it’s a sense of deep relaxation and you may experience feelings of rejuvenation and increased energy as the natural healing energy soothes emotions, reduces negative thoughts and works to eradicate stress and anxiety. The key with Reiki is it flows to wherever the body requires the healing making this a totally holistic personal healing experience just for you.

A Reiki Healing session is 45 -60 minutes with talk therapy included. Fee for this treatment is £60.00