Spiritual Mediumship


Mediumship is the ability to communicate between the spirit world and this world. Sometimes Mediums are also known as Channelers as spirits utilise Mediums as a way of communicating their messages to this living world.  How a spirit communicates with the Medium is different depending on the personality of the spirit that comes through to the Medium. The messages can be received in many different formats, visual, audio, smell or a feeling/sensation.

Psychic vs Medium

We all have the ability to tune into our instincts or “gut feelings” psychics have the ability to tune in at a higher frequency and therefore access information at a much higher level. It’s at this higher level where they can communicate with Spirits and receive messages from the afterlife

I’ve had the ability to connect with Spirits for over 40 years, it’s a gift that I find rewarding as it can enhance a person’s healing process  and help clients to move forward with their life. That said, during a reading it’s important to realise that I’m unable to guarantee who will come through from the spirit world and who I will connect with, I therefore recommend anybody visiting me for this purpose keeps an open mind throughout the experience.

To book a session please contact me with your requirements. As always I have your best interests at heart. I can then talk to you and discuss the best modality that will benefit your healing needs.

A Spiritual Mediumship session is 60 minutes.  The Fee for this is £60.00